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Welcome to Ride Cincinnati and the Western & Southern Corporate Challenge!

Take the Western & Southern Corporate Team Challenge! Cincinnati area companies are encouraged to help increase participation – and thus funding support – by registering at least one company team for the 2017 Ride Cincinnati. Participating in Ride Cincinnati is a wonderful way for you and your company to give back directly to our local community while standing up to cancer, a disease that affects so many.  In addition, it’s a great way to support your personal and company wellness initiatives.

Ride Cincinnati Corporate Challenge

You can choose to participate in Ride Cincinnati as an individual or as a team. 

There are two types of Ride Cincinnati Teams—those participating as a Corporate Challenge Team and those participating as an Individual/Non-Business Team.  There are no restrictions as to who may join either type of team (both are open to anyone--friends, co-workers, neighbors, family, children, etc.); however, any team that is associated with a company or business, or would like to name their team after a company or other business should create a Corporate Challenge Team.  All team captains not representing any company or business can create their team as an Individual/Non-Business Team.  Both types of teams receive the same amenities at Ride Cincinnati, including the t-shirt and entry to the post-Ride Celebration.  Additionally, the top team in each division will be recognized at the event. For the Corporate Challenge Team Division, the award will be based on total number of riders registered. For the Individual/Non-Business Division, the award will be based on total funds raised. 

Corporate Challenge Team Captain Responsibilities:

Team Captain Action Plan:

Team Captain tips for success:

• Set up your team and fundraising page.
• Personalize your email template on your fundraising page.
• Download your own email address book by following the instructions on the website.
• Send an email to family, friends and co-workers to participate or donate. (Don't forget social media contacts or valuable one-on-one conversations.)
• Send an email thank you to your team members and donors

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