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Mark your calendar for June 12, 2016, for the next Ride Cincinnati! 



2015 Ride information - Please check back in January 2016 for information regarding the 2016 Ride. 

Adults - $45 Includes a t-shirt
Children (12 and under) - $12 Includes a t-shirt

The 8 and 16 mile routes will be on a new closed-road loop course in Ohio on Eastern Avenue. The 26, 45 and 63 mile routes will still be in Kentucky on Route 8 (as in previous years, this road is not closed to traffic).  For 2015, there will not be a separate kids ride, but children are welcome to do any of the rides with an adult. All children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult during the ride.

Want to participate but don’t have a working bike? Ride Cincinnati is thrilled to announce that we’ll be partnering with Cincinnati Red Bike, who will be waiving overage fees for all participants.

Simply email stating your participation and the overage fee will be removed from your account!

The nearest bike stations are located at Sawyer Point, Fountain Square and the Freedom Center. A day pass for a Red Bike on race day is $8.

Important Note: Helmets are mandatory for all riders and all ride distances.

Past participant? Looking to connect with other riders?  Follow us on our social media pages for up-to-the-minute information and details or join the conversation by using #RideCincinnati and tag your friends!$cms$/100/1264.png$cms$/100/1266.png$cms$/100/1265.png 

Course Map

Directions to Yeatman's Cove

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Volunteer Information

Can't ride but interested in volunteering for Ride Cincinnati? Click here to volunteer

Weather Information for Ride Cincinnati

Sunday’s event will proceed as normal, but certain changes may be necessary due to weather.   We apologize in advance for any inconvenience.  Safety is paramount.  Ride Cincinnati will post updates on and on our Facebook page if changes occur.  If nothing is posted, the event will proceed as planned. 

If conditions are unsafe to start one of the particular distances, we will make every attempt to start at the next scheduled start time.  For instance, if weather prohibits the 63 mile start at 6:30 a.m., we will attempt to start the 63 mile cyclists at 7:00 a.m. with the 45 mile ride.  This would, in effect, reduce the longest available distance to 45 miles, and no official support would be provided beyond the 45 mile turnaround. 

If the weather changes, or if you hear thunder or see lightning, it is your responsibility to take immediate action and seek shelter.  As you travel outbound on Route 8, be looking for possible shelter if it becomes necessary to return.  Beyond the 26 mile turnaround at Pendery Park, Route 8 becomes more rural, and opportunities for shelter are fewer.  It is recommended to bring a smartphone and check radar on the internet prior to proceeding beyond this point.  If you do not have one, someone around you will.  According to the National Weather Service, lightning calls for a thirty minute delay.  Shorten your distance if necessary. 

It may become necessary to close refreshment stops early due to weather.  A large Penske box truck will be on the route to signify the point of closure.  No services or support can be provided beyond this point.  In addition, various police municipalities may be advising participants if the road is unsafe and the route must be closed.  Ride Cincinnati does not have the means to provide return transport for participants in the case of inclement weather.  Plan accordingly. 

Mild to heavy fog is common on Route 8 after a rain, reducing not only your visibility but the visibility of those around you in vehicles and on bikes.  Be prepared and bring rain gear, including neon or brightly colored jackets, vests or shirts.  Additionally, as the road follows along the river valley the entire way, water may be flowing onto the road from the hillside.  Water does not drain quickly on Route 8 and standing water may be present.  Be prepared to dismount if necessary and warn the cyclists behind you.  Wet tires will affect your ability to brake, so give yourself extra time to stop. 

The Celebration and Awards Ceremony will take place, but may be delayed or shortened if necessary. 

Ride Cincinnati is unable to provide an alternative rain date.  As this is a fundraiser for breast cancer research, no refunds or exchanges.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation and support of our efforts to eradicate breast cancer.   Delays and closures will be at the discretion of the Ride Director. 


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